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Beginning Knitting
Cost: $115 (4 Sessions)
Level: Beginner
Maximum number of students: 6
Description:This is a basic learn-how-to-knit class. Beginners learn the basics of casting on, knitting, purling, increases, decreases, gauge, yarn and needle selection, and pattern reading at the basic level. Students select and begin a basic garment.
Materials: Practice yarn and needles provided. Buy your own materials for your first project.
Dates/Times:7:00 PM - 9:00 PM, June 5, 12, 19 and 26, 2017 (Mondays)
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM, June 24, July 1, 8 and 15, 2017 (Saturdays)

Beginning Crochet
Cost: $115 (4 sessions)
Level: Beginner
Max Number of Students: 6
Description: Basic learn-how-to-crochet class. Beginners will learn the basics of starting a project, basic stitches and color changes while creating a scarf. The class will also cover other techniques such as increasing, decreasing, and pattern reading.
Materials: Practice yarn and hook provided.
Dates/Times: 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM, June 2, 9, 16 and 23, 2017 (Fridays)
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM, June 29, July 6, 13 and 20, 2017 (Thursdays)
2:30 PM - 4:30 PM, August 4, 11, 18 and 25, 2017 (Fridays)

Advanced Beginning Knitting
Cost: $110 (4 Sessions)
Level: Advanced Beginner
Maximum number of students: 6
Prerequisites: For those who have completed our Beginning Knitting class or who have proficiency in casting on, binding off, knit and purl stitches and various stitch patterns, basic increases and decreases and reading patterns
Description: You’ve learned how to knit and you’re ready for the next step! In this class we will learn how to knit a hat in the round. We will address yarn and pattern selection, changing colors to make a striking pattern, including additional methods of casting on and binding off, more increases and decreases, how to measure and adjust gauge and basic finishing techniques.
Materials: Size US 7 or 8 16” circulars, double pointed needles in same size, two solid colors of smooth worsted weight yarn (one ball each), notions, pen and pencil for notes, scissors to cut yarn. Additional materials may be necessary (including a pattern) and may be purchased at the time of the class.
Dates/Times: New Dates Coming Soon!

Brioche a Twirly Beanie!
Cost: $60 (1 session)

Level: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate
Maximum number of students: 8
Description: Worked from the brim up, learn how to make this cushiony and reversible two-color brioche beanie for the perfect holiday or anytime gift!
         Yarn for hat: 200 yards (total) comprised of two balls of contrasting yarn (one light, one dark), of 100% wool (avoid any synthetic or plant fibers), worsted.
        Needles: US size 7 in 16” circular and/or same size DPN OR 32” circulars (for crown of hat - student’s preference), Stitch markers
         For learning sample: Two colors, no more than 30 yards each, of worsted or bulky weight yarn, one light color, one dark color, for learning the technique and practicing in class, with appropriate needle size to suit yarn weight.
Homework - please complete both before the workshop!:
        For learning sample, worked flat: with stash yarn, cast on 26 st with color A, knit 4 rows in garter stitch to create a border.
        For hat, worked in the round: With Color A, cast on 84 stitches and join in the round without twisting the cast on and place marker to mark the end of the round. Work 1 to 1.5” of K3, P3 rib Round 1: Knit to end
Dates/Times: 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM, June 4, 2017, Sunday

Oops! Correcting Knitting Errors
Cost: $30 (1 session)
Level: Advanced Beginner
Max Number of Students: 6
Description: Dropped a stitch? Purled when you should have knitted? This fundamental class is a must! Learn to pick up dropped stitches,“tink” (unknit, stitch by stitch), untwist your stitches without a lot of effort, prevent too many/too few stitches, and how to correct and prevent many other common knitting mistakes.
Materials: Light colored worsted or bulky weight yarn and appropriately sized knitting needles, size E, F, or G crochet hook, note-taking supplies.
Homework: Prepare a swatch measuring at least 4” x 4” using st st and light-colored worsted or bulky weight yarn. Leave swatch on needles.
Dates/Times: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM, June 15, 2017, Thursday
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM, July 10, 2017, Monday

Portuguese Knitting
Cost: $50 (1 session)
Level: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate
Prerequisites: Must be advanced beginner/intermediate knitters.
Max Number of Students: 8
Description: Learn this traditional European method of knitting! It’s great for reverse garter and stockinette stitch patterns and for those who hate purling….this one’s for you! We will learn how to make a dishcloth using this technique.
Materials: Students to bring a DK/Worsted weight cotton yarn suitable for a dish/washcloth with appropriate needle size (US 5-8) for the yarn. A Portuguese Knitting pin will be provided to all students.
Dates/Times: 2:00 pm - 5:00 PM, June 21, 2017 (Wednesday)

Portuguese Stranding
Cost: $45 (1 session)
Level: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate
Prerequisites: Past attendees of Portuguese Knitting classes, or advanced beginner/intermediate Portuguese knitter with one knitting pin.
Max Number of Students: 6
Description: Take your Portuguese Knitting skills to the next level and learn to strand with two colors to make a pretty stranded Fall shawlette! We will begin with a quick recap on the Portuguese cast on before we explore stranding techniques.
Materials: 2 contrasting colors of DK weight, cotton blend yarn, approx. 300 yards each color, size US 8 (5.00mm) 40” circular needles, two Portuguese knitting pins (these should be pins, not neck pendants since they have to sit on your shoulders for balanced leverage), stitch markers, and note taking supplies.
Dates/Times: 5:00 pm - 8:00 PM, July 26, 2017 (Wednesday)

Intro to Wheel Spinning
Cost: $90 (3 sessions)
Level: Beginner
Max Number of Students: 4
Description: Spinning your own yarn isn’t difficult. Once you learn the basics of how to use a spinning wheel, it’s a just a matter of practice. Soon you’ll find spinning wool to be very relaxing and a lot of fun!
Materials: Materials provided - please don't bring your own fiber to class.
Dates/Times: 3:00 - 5:00 PM, June 11, 18 and 25, 2017, Sundays

Beginning Spindle
Cost: $30 (2 sessions)
Level: Beginner
Max Number of Students: 5
Description: This class focuses on the fundamentals of spinning with a hand spindle (drop spindle). We'll discuss the various types of spindles and their history. Learn to make a simple ply yarn on a top-whorl spindle. We'll also address how to finish and measure your yarn.
Materials: Drop spindle (available through the store), Other materials will be provided. Please do not bring your own fiber to the class.
Dates/Times: 1:00 - 2:00 PM, June 18 and 25, 2017, Saturdays

Beginning Socks
Cost: $90 (3 sessions)
Level: Advanced Beginner
Max Number of Students: 6
Description: We'll learn the basics of socks by making a pair of adult sized socks. We'll cover turning the heel, basic finishing techniques, and various patterns. This is the perfect class for those that want the basics (and more) of knitting socks.
Materials: 1 or 2 colors of fingering weight yarn and needles of the appropriate size. Bring two circulars and/or 4-5 double pointed needles.
Dates/Times: New Dates Coming Soon!

Toe Up Socks on Magic Loop
Cost: $90 (3 sessions)
Level: Advanced Beginner
Max Number of Students: 6
Description: Get ready to brave the world of toe-up sock knitting! In this class you will learn the beauty of the magic loop technique to knit one sock at a time from the toe-up! This technique will give you all you need to know about seamless knitting, German short rows, turning heels that fit your foot, measuring for a good fit, and the infinite ways you can introduce creative patterns into your socks! And we promise a lot of laughter as you learn. And, the benefit is that once you learn this technique you can progress to making two socks at the same time!
Materials: One skein or ball of smooth (min 400 yds), sock weight yarn, light colored (can be variegated). Needles: 32” circular needles, US size 1 (2.25mm) or size needed to achieve gauge (see homework). Note taking supplies.
Homework: Knit a 3-4” swatch in stockinette stitch, that measures gauge at 8 or 9 stitches per inch. Adjust needle size if necessary.
Dates/Times: 6:00 - 8:00 PM, June 13, 20 and 27, 2017, Tuesdays

Fixing Brioche Mistakes
Cost: $30 (1 session)
Level: Advanced Beginner
Prerequisites: Must be able to knit in brioche or have attended a Brioche a Twirly Beanie class
Max Number of Students: 6
Description: Brioche knitting creates a fabulous and cushiony fabric, but dropped stitches or mistakes can create challenges for the knitter. In this class we will learn to fix dropped yarn overs/shawls, how to fix dropped stitches and how to correct incorrectly placed increases and decreases.
Materials: note taking supplies, a u-shaped cable needle or large safety-pin style stitch holder, size E, F, or G Crochet hook, locking stitch markers
Homework: Prepare two 4”x4” swatches in brioche using two-high contrasting colors, preferably worsted or bulky weight, smooth yarn, using appropriate sized DPNs or 24” circular needles. Keep both swatches on your needles and bring them to class.
Dates/Times: 2:00-4:00 PM, May 28, 2017, Sunday

Sweaters That Fit - A to Z
Cost: $130 (6 sessions)
Level: Advanced Beginner
Max Number of Students: 5
Description: This series of workshops will address almost everything you need to know to make a sweater that actually fits the intended recipient. We’ll start with the basics – the selection of the pattern, the preferred yarn (fiber type), gauge swatches and making any necessary adjustments to gauge, and body measurements. In the following sessions we’ll visit setting in sleeves, various seams, making adjustments as necessary, picking up stitches, and many more interesting and necessary tidbits.
Materials: Needles, pen/pencil and paper, at least 150 yds of yarn for swatching, tape measure
Dates/Times: New Dates Coming Soon!
Homework: Homework and additional information will be provided at the first session

Beginning Tunisian Crochet
Cost: $30 (1 session)
Level: Beginner
Max Number of Students: 6
Description: Explore this trendy and fascinating technique which some consider to be a hybrid of both knitting and crochet! In this class you will learn basic Tunisian crochet stitches such as Tunisian simple stitch and how to create a nice bind-off finish.
Materials: Worsted weight yarn and size L or larger Tunisian Crochet hook. Size K is fine if using sport weight yarn
Dates/Times: New Dates Coming Soon!

Surprise Jacket Workshop

Cost: $30 (1 session/split)
Level: Advanced Beginner
Max Number of Students: 8
Description: Ready to take on Elizabeth Zimmerman’s famous surprise jacket? Make this jacket in any size – add a hood, stripes or even pockets for a unique garment for anyone! You’ll create a miniature surprise jacket in this workshop to learn the basic pattern and how to mark your increases and decreases for the basic shaping. We’ll also explore how to size the jacket for larger sizes as well as other tips and tricks for making this wonderful jacket!
Notes: This workshop will be broken into two segments with a short break for snacks and/or lunch. A pattern will be provided for a miniature surprise jacket to be completed during the workshop. The original pattern is available for sale at the store and is not included in the cost of the workshop.
Materials: Approximately 200 yds of light colored worsted weight yarn, appropriately sized needles, a size F or G crochet hook, stitch markers (locking markers are preferred), note taking supplies
Dates/Times: 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM, June 17, 2017, Saturday